【Starlight】Starlight Special✨Part 1! Casts' autograph comments on “Siegfeld's Legendary Training - TALK & LIVE-”

The first half of July features Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight✨
The part 1, to celebrate “Siegfeld's Legendary Training - TALK & LIVE-”, we received interviews from Hina Aoki as Stella Takachiho, Kanon Matsuzawa as Shiro Ogami, Ruka Fukagawa as Ryoko Kobato, Kokoro Kuge as Minku Umibe, Yuria Sato as Kuina Moriyasu!

☆Hina Aoki as Stella Takachiho
I hope to be a noble and proud member of the Siegfeld Institute of Music!
☆Kanon Matsuzawa as Shiro Ogami
I've been looking forward to this event for a long time! I wonder if I can get close to the elders I've always wished to meet...<br />Come on! Let's go to the stage together! Let's make it a day full of smiles!
☆Ruka Fukagawa as Ryoko Kobato
Please look forward to a wonderful stage performance with EDEL's elders in Siegfeld.
☆Kokoro Kuge as Minku Umibe
I'll be with you all for the big day!
I'm so excited!
☆Yuria Sato as Kuina Moriyasu
As class president, I must act without embarrassment...!
I will do my best to show Ms. Akira the best me.

■Event Information

Siegfeld's Legendary Training - TALK & LIVE-

Sunday, July 10, 2022

・Daytime Start:14:00(Tentative)
・Night Start:19:00(Tentative)


Hotaru Nomoto, Yuka Ozakii, Yume Takeuchi, Hikaru Tono, Haruka Kudo
Hina Aoki, Kanon Matsuzawa, Ruka Fukagawa, Kokoro Kuge, Yuria Sato

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