【Starlight】Casts' autograph comments on the Siegfeld Institute of Music “Delight to me!”

The stage version single CD containing the theme song for the stage "Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE EDEL- Delight" which was held from February 18 (Fri.) to February 27 (Sun.), 2022, will be released on April 20 (Wed.)!

We’ve got the autograph comments from Hotaru Nomoto as Akira Yukishiro, Yuka Ozaki as Michiru Otori, Yume Takeuchi as Liu Mei Fan, Hikaru Tono as Shiori Yumeoji and Haruka Kudo as Yachiyo Tsuruhime, exclusively for Bushiroad Music Passport members!

★Hotaru Nomoto as Akira Yukishiro
I hope you will listen to "Delight to me!" over and over again and remember the Starlight stage revue!!
★Yuka Ozaki as Michiru Otori
Siegfeld Institute of Music's second single "Delight to me!" has finally been released♪
I hope you will listen to many cool and gorgeous songs.
★Yume Takeuchi as Liu Mei Fan
Starlight Stage CD is on sale!
Let's listen to our songs in the morning, noon and night a lot, and keep the memories of the stage alive!
★Hikaru Tono as Shiori Yumeoji
“見据えよ、ディライトを!(Look out the Delight!)" First CD in a long time as Shiori Yumeoji✨.
I hope you will listen to it a lot while remembering the revue♡.
★Haruka Kudo as Yachiyo Tsuruhime
Hi there! "Delight to me!", please listen!

■CD Information
★Delight ver.

★EDEL ver.

the Siegfeld Institute of Music “Delight to me!”

【Release Date】
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

¥1,760 (Tax included)

【Product No.】
Delight ver.:BRMM-10534
EDEL ver.:BRMM-10535