【BanG Dream!】Casts' autograph comments on Roselia Mini Album "ROZEN HORIZON”

Roselia’ s first CD Album in 2022 will be released in May!

Special comments to celebrate the release of Roselia’s Mini Album "ROZEN HORIZON”, which will be released on May 18th (Wed.), 2022!

This time, we’ve got the autograph comments from Aina Aiba as Vo. Yukina Minato, Haruka Kudo as Gt. Sayo Hikawa, Ba. Yuki Nakashima as Lisa Imai, Megu Sakuragawa as Dr. Ako Udagawa, and Kanon Shizaki as Key. Rinko Shirokane of Roselia, exclusively for Bushiroad Music Passport members!

Aina Aiba:Our journey is not over yet. It has just begun. Let's go.
Haruka Kudo:We will go further and further away!!!!
Yuki Nakashima:Will you follow us on our new path?
Megu Sakuragawa:Please listen to our new song! And don't forget to check the MV!
Kanon Shizaki:Please continue to give Roselia your support cause we will keep on moving.

■CD Information
★The Limited Edition with Blu-ray

★The Limited Edition with photo booklet

★The Normal Edition A

★The Normal Edition B

Roselia Mini Album "ROZEN HORIZON”

【Release Date】
18th May (Wed.), 2022

The Limited Edition with Blu-ray:¥9,900 (Tax included)
The Limited Edition with photo booklet:¥3,850 (Tax included)
The Normal Edition A:¥2,200 (Tax included)
The Normal Edition B:¥2,200 (Tax included)

【Product No.】
The Limited Edition with Blu-ray:BRMM-10537
The Limited Edition with photo booklet:BRMM-10538
The Normal Edition A:BRMM-10539
The Normal Edition B:BRMM-10540