【BanG Dream!】Casts' autograph comments on the RAISE A SUILEN 9th Single “CORUSCATE -DNA- ”

RAISE A SUILEN’s 9th Single will be released!

The title track "CORUSCATE -DNA-" was written to accompany the second chapter of the band story in the smartphone game "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!" and is RAS's best effort.
The B-side includes "Repaint," a song provided by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, and the soulful ballad "Light a fire”.

We got the autograph comments from Raychell as Ba.&Vo.LAYER, Riko Kohara as Gt.LOCK, Natsume as Dr.MASKING, Reo Kurachi as Key.PAREO, and Risa Tsumugi as DJ CHU², exclusively for Bushiroad Music Passport members!

We made it with bonding, gratitude, a ray of hope, and our spunk!
I hope you'll listen a lot and come LIVE!
★Riko Kohara
Wow!!!!! Wow Wow!! Wow Wow!!! Let's get excited!
My spirits are rising!
Let's listen to a lot of our songs and make some noise at the show!
★Reo Kurachi
This CD is filled with songs that will give you a taste of the diversity of RAS!
Please listen and watch every song and video!
★Risa Tsumugi
We have produced a very nice "oeuvre of music!"
Appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, all 3-in-1!

■CD Information
★A ver. Limited Edition with Blu-ray

★B ver.


【Release Date】
Wednesday, April 27, 2022

★A ver. Limited Edition with Blu-ray
¥8,580(Tax included)
★B ver.
¥1,980(Tax included)

【Product No.】
★A ver. Limited Edition with Blu-ray
★B ver.