【BanG Dream!】Casts' Special interview on the anime "BanG Dream! Morfonication"🦋

On Thursday, July 28 and Friday, July 29, the anime "BanG Dream! Morfonication" will air!

Exclusively for Bushiroad Music Passport members, we interviewed Amane Shindo as Vo.Kurata Mashiro, Hina Suguta as Gt.Kirigaya Tōko, Yuka Nishio as Ba.Hiromachi Nanami, mika as Dr.Futaba Tsukushi and Ayasa as Vn.Yashio Rui of Morfonica!

Q1. Name / Character
Q2. Which Morfonica songs would you like to listen in the summer? Also, please tell us why.
Q3. What are your memories of the live show?
Q4. Do you have a message for those who watch the anime "BanG Dream! Morfonication"?

☆Amane Shindo

Q1. Amane Shindo as Kurata Mashiro
Q2. "Sonorous" I want to listen to it while the summer wind blows. It feels cool, doesn't it?
Q3. This is... Sea of psyllium! I am always impressed by the scenery, which is really beautiful and dyed in Morfonica's colors.
Q4. Morfonica's Animation of a Dream! You'll also get to see Mashiro-chan's ○○, so look forward to it! I hope you enjoy the new lively Morfonica!

☆Hina Suguta

Q1. Hina Suguta as Kirigaya Tōko
Q2. "flame of hope" Because I can get hot, hotter, hotter than the summer!
Q3. Being able to take a picture with all the members at "One step at a time" at Mythology Chapter 2 ✨It was so rare and happy to be able to take a picture on stage and during the show!
Q4. The members of Morfonica are so lively! I think it shows how cute you all are! Seriously, they are adorable! We hope you have a wonderful summer with Morfonica!

☆Yuka Nishio

Q1. Yuka Nishio as Hiromachi Nanami
Q2. "One step at a time" The groove is good and the choruses (chasing part) are somewhat festival-like. More summer than spring.
Q3. "Mythology Chapter 2" reflected the aspect of Hiromachi's growth through the storyline in the performance! Secret Dawn" was also performed for the first time.
Q4. Along with your summer vacation, Morfonica's summer vacation is underway! Please feel Morfonica's daily life. For those of you who don't have summer vacation... Let's feel summer vacation with "Morfonication"! Yes, summer Monica plan.monimoni.


Q1. mika as Futaba Tsukushi
Q2. "Sonorous" The lyrics, "はじめての景色を見せてくれた," remind me of the summer concert at Fuji-Q, where I first performed as Morfonica. The spreading and flapping of wings reminds me of the blue summer sky and nature, and I think it is a perfect song to listen to in summer.
Q3. I clapped my hands to the rhythm with everyone in the audience during "One step at a time".
Q4. It's my first Morfonica anime! Summer, bonds, and feelings of each member of Monica! This is a Morfonica's summer project that is packed with a lot of energy. It is absolutely exciting with very beautiful animated images, so please enjoy it.


Q1. Ayasa as Yashio Rui
Q2. "Sonorous."The intro melody and rhythm sounds like a wave coming in...!
Q3. "Mythology Chapter 2" in June! It's hard to express in words, but I really felt "Monica's growth" at the concert...! The atmosphere on stage? I felt the band's atmosphere on stage... I was really feeling the band... Monica is wonderful!
Q4. At last! Morfonica's animated! It's a delight! Morfonica and their unique personalities are planning their summer project! Whether or not Louie will participate properly or not... (laughs). I hope you all have a wonderful Morfonication with Morfonica.

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Morfonica’s MUSIC VIDEO & TV Anime BanG Dream! Original Anime Soundtrack will be released on all music streaming services.
Please enjoy it with the anime "BanG Dream! Morfonication"!

【Streaming Schedule】
・7/28(Thu) Morfonica "Daylight" MUSIC VIDEO
・7/29(Fri) Morfonica "fly with the night" MUSIC VIDEO
・7/30(Sat) TV Anime "BanG Dream!" Original Soundtrack

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■Anime Information

The anime "BanG Dream! Morfonication"

【Televised broadcast date】
Thursday, July 28 and Friday, July 29, 2022(JST)