【BanG Dream!】Casts' autograph comments on Morfonica 4th Single ”fly with the night”

In commemoration of the release of Morfonica’s 4th Single ”fly with the night”, which will be released on Wednesday, March 30, 2022!

We’ve received autograph comments from Amane Shindo as Vo.Kurata Mashiro, Hina Suguta as Gt.Kirigaya Tōko, Yuka Nishio as Ba.Hiromachi Nanami, mika as Dr.Futaba Tsukushi and Ayasa as Vn.Yashio Rui, exclusively for Bushiroad Music Passport members this time!

☆Amane Shindo
fly with the night
You must listen to it~!

☆Hina Suguta
fly with the night
Morfonica has taken another step forward after chapter 2✨
Please listen to it💕

☆Yuka Nishio
fly with the night
You are gonna love it~

fly with the night Morfonica
A precious song to believe in yourself and everyone else!
Please listen a lot!

Morfonica fly with the night
This song bonded Monica even further.
We hope that the song that is precious to us will be precious to all of you as well.

■CD Information

Morfonica 4th Single ”fly with the night”

【Release Date】
30th March (Wed.) , 2022

The Limited Edition with Blu-ray.:¥7,810 (Tax included)
The Normal Edition.:¥1,760 (Tax included)

【Product No.】
The Limited Edition with Blu-ray.:BRMM-10516
The Normal Edition.:BRMM-10517

【Included contents】
1.fly with the night
2.Secret Dawn
3.fly with the night -instrumental-
4.Secret Dawn -instrumental-
-dramatic part-

Morfonica Special Live「Andante」
「fly with the night」MV