【D4DJ】Casts' interview on The stage Lyrical Lily "Senri! no Michi mo Ippo kara"

From Tuesday, June 28th to Sunday, July 3rd, The stage Lyrical Lily "Senri! no Michi mo Ippo kara" will be held at Hikosen Theater!

Exclusively for Bushiroad Music Passport members, we interviewed Hazuki Tanda as Miyu Sakurada, Amane Shindo as Haruna Kasuga, Ruka Fukagawa as Kurumi Shiratori, Yuzuki Watase as Miiko Takeshita, of Lyrical Lily!

Q1. Name / Character
Q2. Please share your enthusiasm for The stage Lyrical Lily "Senri! no Michi mo Ippo kara"!
Q3. What is the point that you recommend on the stage?
Q4. Please give a quick comment for BMPASS members!

☆Hazuki Tanda

―I'm Hazuki Tanda as Miyu Sakurada.
This is our first stage as D4DJ project, but we will do our best to convey each and every expression that Miyu wants to convey, not to mention Lyrical Lily's thoughts, and we look forward to working with you in the ministry.
The origins and story of Lyrical Lily's original songs, as well as the sad and eye-opening scenes with the senior guests who will be performing in the show....
Keep your eyes peeled and pay attention!
Thank you for reading!
I would like to continue to protect Lyrical Lily with all of you as we continue to move forward one step at a time while looking at various landscapes.
I look forward to working with you, Lyrical Lily, for years to come!

☆Amane Shindo

―I'm  Amane Shindo as Haruna Kasuga.
―This is my first time on stage as a D4DJ and myself.
I will do my best to show you something wonderful!

―I hope Haruna's moves get your attention!
―I'll be one with Haruna, and keep up the good work!

☆Ruka Fukagawa

―I'm Ruka Fukagawa as Kurumi Shiratori.
―As this is the first stage adaptation of D4DJ, I will do my best to live up to your expectations and play Kurumi on stage!
―Don't take your eyes off the stage for a moment, because this is the only place you'll see the cast expressing their characters with their whole bodies on stage, unlike in a live performance or in an animated cartoon!
―The entire cast awaits you at HIKOSEN THEATER!

☆Yuzuki Watase

―I'm Yuzuki Watase as Miiko Takeshita.
―When we received the offer, we were happy, but at the same time, we were worried that we might not be able to make it as the main cast.
But once practice began, the four Lyrical Lily members gave each other advice, and I feel that they became even more united.
I'm confident that with what we have now, the whole show will be a wonderful production! We will give it our all until the final performance!
―Don't miss the daily changes, ad-libs, and other scenes unique to the stage!
We did not have a lot of stage experience yet, so it was refreshing to have a daily production without a script for that part of the show.
It's a cute, funny exercise in practice, and I'm sure you'll all love it!Maybe some staging through the seating aisle...
―Thank you for reading! "Senri! no Michi mo Ippo kara" We look forward to seeing you all there!
Everyone, are you ready?

■Stage Information

The stage Lyrical Lily "Senri! no Michi mo Ippo kara"

Tuesday, June 28 - Sunday, July 3


Lyrical Lily(Hazuki Tanda, Amane Shindo, Ruka Fukagawa, Yuzuki Watase)
Haruki Iwata
Himari Hazuki
Ai Negishi
Rihona Kato