【D4DJ】Special Program! Spring Campaign with LyricalLily🌸Casts' autograph comments

Spring 2022🌸
It's getting warmer and warmer in Japan, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom✨

A BMPASS special program, Spring Campaign with LyricalLily from D4DJ🌸 is coming!

D4DJ announced the cast for April 2020, and this is a seasonal program to enjoy "spring" with Lyrical Lily in cute spring-like colors🎉

The first part of the seasonal program🌸Lyrical Lily's personal comments about "Spring" are released!
The second part of the seasonal program🌸Special postcards with handwritten comments will be given away as gifts!


Lyrical Lily members were asked to write their "favorite kanji associated with spring" along with their comments🎉

What is your "favorite kanji that reminds you of spring"...?

☆Hazuki Tanda (as Miyu Sakurada)
Kanji: "Sakura" (cherry blossom)
I love spring with its blooming cherry blossoms and more cherry blossom colors, even with Miyu Sakurada's name!
I would like to see many cherry blossoms, the national flower of Japan💕

☆Amane Shindo (as Haruna Kasuga)
Kanji: "Hana" (flower)
Spring means pollen allergy....

☆Ruka Fukagawa (as Kurumi Shiratori)
I like spring because food becomes more colorful and brightens my mood when I see and eat it🌸

☆Yuzuki Watase (as Miiko Takeshita)
Kanji: "Haji(meru)/Haji(maru)/Shi" (start)
An entrance ceremony, class changing~
Because I love the tendency for something new to "start" right around the time the cherry blossoms bloom and the weather gets warmer!

‐Twitter Present Campaign‐

Collaboration project with Bushiroad Music Global official Twitter✨

3 lucky members will receive a special postcard featuring handwritten comments from Lyrical Lily which were posted on this site, as well as Lyrical Lily’s character goods❣

【Terms of Application】
・Follow Bushiroad Music Global official Twitter (@BUSHIM_Global)
・RT the campaign tweet
※Winners will be asked to provide BMPASS membership information to confirm membership.
 Members participating in the campaign are requested not to change membership information or withdrawal from BMPASS until May 2022.

【Application Deadline】
Tuesday, April 5, 2022 12:00 - Tuesday, April 12, 2022 23:59(JST)

For more information, check here.