【D4DJ】6 units’ 1st Album release commemoration*Happy Around! 1st Album HAPIARA★HAPIARE★HAPIARARE🎀Casts' interview

To commemorate the release of the first albums by six D4DJ units, we asked BMPASS members to send the questions for Happy Around!, in advance!

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

The third unit is Happy Around! who will release “Happy Around! 1st Album HAPIARA★HAPIARE★HAPIARARE” on Wednesday, June 29th!
We got the comment videos from Yuka Nishio as Rinku Aimoto, Karin Kagami as Maho Akashi, Haruka Mimura as Muni Ohnaruto and Kanon Shizaki as Rei Togetsu of Happy Around!, exclusive for Bushiroad Music Passport members!

Q1.Name / Character
Q2.Are there any particular songs on the album that you would like people to listen to or recommend?
Q3.The album includes footage from your 2nd live "Minna ni Happy Yane♪" Tell us about your memories of this live performance!
Q4.I love Happy Around!, and I dance along at concert. What song do you enjoy dancing to the most?
Q5.Please give a quick comment for BMPASS members!

☆Yuka Nishio

☆Karin Kagami

☆Haruka Mimura
☆Kanon Shizaki

■Album Information
★A ver.

★B ver.


【Release Date】
Wednesday, July 20, 2022

・A ver.:¥9,900 (Tax included)
・B ver.:¥4,400 (Tax included)

【Product No.】
・A ver.:BRMM-10527
・B ver.:BRMM-10528