【D4DJ】Casts' autograph comments on Peaky P-key 2nd Single "INVINCIBLE☆moment"

To commemorate the release of Peaky P-key's 2nd Single "INVINCIBLE☆moment" on 14th April, the 4 casts gave their autograph comments for us!


🎧Aimi as Kyoko Yamate

Battle royal? Bring it on!
We are invincible!


🎧Miyu Takagi as Shinobu Inuyose

This is the "Peaky" music!
Please listen to these songs and motivate yourselves!


🎧Moeka Koizumi as Yuka Jennifer Sasago

The song so hot that pumps me up!
It's definitely one of the best and strongest album to conquer to the top for sure!
Listen to these songs anytime!


🎧Reo Kurachi as Esora Shimizu

When carveing 4 dazzling crystals, we'll be invicable!
I love the sence of the joint struggle with the four of us
You have to listen to these songs!


【Release Date】
14th April, 2021

2.Ultimate Vista

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