【D4DJ】🎈D4DJ D4 FES. LIVE -Party Time-🎈 Special Version vol.1 - BMPASS members only live photos released! -

To celebrate “D4DJ D4 FES. LIVE -Party Time-“, which was held from 12/16 to 12/19, we'll show BMPASS members special photos from the event!

In Vol.1, we'll be showing you live photos of three groups: Lyrical Lily, RONDO, and Photon Maiden!

★16th December, 2021 START 19:00
Lyrical Lily(Hazuki Tanda, Amane Shindo, Ruka Fukagawa, Yuzuki Watase)
DJ Guest:Tsunko

★17th December, 2021 START 19:00
RONDO(Rihona Kato, Sae Otsuka, Haruna Momono, Tsunko)
DJ Guest:Amane Shindo

★18th December, 2021 START 14:00
Photon Maiden(Risa Tsumugi, Haruki Iwata, Hinata Sato ☆Special gest:Niijima Ibuki)
※There will be no appearance by Ami Maeshima herself.
DJ Guest:Himari Hazuki

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PHOTO:Fukuoka Ryoji(GEKKO), Ikegami Muku(GEKKO)

※D4DJ D4 FES. LIVE -ALL IN- will be held!!※

May 28 (Sat) to May 29 (San), 2022
OPEN 13:00 / START 15:00(for all dates)
※Please note that the opening and closing times are subject to change.

Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest

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