【D4DJ】Casts' autograph comments on Happy Around! 3rd LIVE “Happiness to Omya♪”

To celebrate Happy Around! 3rd LIVE "Happiness to Omya♪" on February 10th (Thu), Yuka Nishio (as Rinku Aimoto), Karin Kagami (as Maho Akashi), and Haruka Mimura (as Muni Ohnaruto) gave their comments for us!

Yuka Nishio as Rinku Aimoto(Top Left):
Happy Around!'s 3rd LIVE "Happiness to Omya♪"
Bringing You Happy!
Karin Kagami as Maho Akashi(Top Right):
Happy Around!'s 3rd LIVE "Happiness to Omya♪" I'll do my best to make everyone happy in Nagoya, too.
We will perform with many wonderful guests, but with the feeling of four✨ The power of the four from Happy Around! will make it exciting!!!!
Haruka Mimura as Muni Ohnaruto(Bottom Center):
This is my first concert in Nagoya!! Maybe there will be a Valentine's Day project this time?
Along with all the wonderful guests who will be coming, we are always Happy Around!
We'll bring you lots of HAPPY! Look forword to it!!!

LIVE Information

Happiness to Omya

10th February, 2022

Daytime:OPEN 14:45 / START 15:30 (Tentative)
Evening:OPEN 18:15 / START 19:00 (Tentative)

Zepp Nagoya

Happy Around! (Yuka Nishio, Karin Kagami, Haruka Mimura)
Guest:Miyu Takagi, Mei Okada, Tsunko, Hazuki Tanda, Amane Shindo

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Tickets for day and night:¥1,650 each (excluding tax) 
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Ticket for the whole day and night performance:¥2,970 (excluding tax) 
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・Sales Period
February 4, 2022 (Friday) 23:00 - 21:00 the day after the performance
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