【D4DJ】Cast's autograph comments on the joint concert "NYAN-NYAN SHAKE! by Lyrical Lily x Merm4id"

To commemorate "Lyrical Lily x Merm4id's JOINT CONCERT NYAN-NYAN SHAKE!" on 24th April. 4 casts of "Lyrical Lily" and 4 casts of"Merm4id" gave their autograph comments for us!


🎧"Lyrical Lily" Hazuki Tanda as Miyu Sakurada

Let's have a great time and healed by Lyrical Lily! Come and do NYAN-NYAN SHAKE! with us!!


🎧"Lyrical Lily" Amane Shindo as Haruna Kasuga

Are you ready for an elegancy riot?


🎧"Lyrical Lily" Ruka Fukagawa as Kurumi Shiratori

Let's do Nyan-Nyan Shake together ♡


🎧"Lyrical Lily" Yuzuki Watase as Miiko Takeshita

Let's do Buzz,Buzz(Bun,Bun),Nyan Nyan!! I'll try my best!


🎧"Merm4id" Natsumi Hirajima as Rika Seto

We'll combine ”Merm4id &Lyrical Lily” efforts to make this the best concert ever!


🎧"Merm4id" Mei Okada as Marika Mizushima

We'll make it the best concert ever with Lyrical Lily♡ Let's have lots of fun♡


🎧"Merm4id" Himari Hazuki as Saori Hidaka

We'll make your great day. Nyan-Nya-Nyan


🎧"Merm4id" Ai Negishi as Dalia Matsuyama

I'm pretty happy to perform at the live concert again! We'll entertain you  the chemistry between Lyrical Lily and us!


【Date and time】
24th April, 2021 (Sat) Matinee: 14:00 / Soiree: 18:00

Zepp Haneda(TOKYO)

Joint Live Concert by "Lyrical Lily and Merm4id" will be held!
Enjoy the  glamor and diffrences of the 2 groups.