【D4DJ】Casts' autograph comments on RONDO’s 3rd Single “[Re] termination” are now released.

To celebrate the release of  RONDO’s 3rd Single “[Re] termination” on November 10th.
Rihona Kato, Sae Otsuka, Haruna Momono, Tsunko gave their comments for us!

★Rihona Kato as Tsubaki Aoyagi

With the determination to end the world and revive it.

★Sae Otsuka as Nagisa Tsukimiyama

I performed "[Re] termination" at a concert!

★Haruna Momono as Hiiro Yano

Eventually…A story of humans and demons who destroy the world.

★Tsunko as Aoi Miyake

It's a miraculous song by RONDO.
Just feel the energy of "[Re] termination".
The live performance was very exciting!

■CD Information
【CD Jacket】
★The Limited Edition with Blu-ray

★The Normal Edition

【Release Date】
10th November, 2021

The Limited Edition with Blu-ray :¥7,040(Tax included)
The Normal Edition :¥1,540(Tax included)

【Product No.】
The Limited Edition with Blu-ray :BRMM-10448
The Normal Edition :BRMM-10449

【Track List】
01.[Re] termination
03.[Re] termination -instrumental-
04.Celsius -instrumental- 

・Mini Anime ”Petit Mix ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix” Episode 19~22
・D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- REMIX Live Video -RONDO-
・RONDO original song [Re] termination Music Video
【The Special Benefits enclosed in the First Edition】
・D4DJ Groovy Mix disc skin serial code
※Expiration date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 23:59
・D4DJ Groovy Mix item serial code (EXP ticket (platinum) x 5)
※Expiration date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 23:59
・Advance lottery tickets for large-scale live events to be held in early summer of 2022
・Serial code for drawing bromides with cast signatures

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