【D4DJ】Casts' autograph comments on Photon Maiden's 2nd Single "Be with the world"

To celebrate the release of Photon Maiden's 2nd Single "Be with the world" on Wednesday 19th May, the 4 casts gave us their autograph comments for us!


🎧 Photon Maiden🎧

Risa Tsumugi as Saki Izumo

Be with the world
Koo~!!! Be with the world...world!!!!
It's really like "the world"…HAA…
Please look at the Clion-chan dance in the chorus.
Saki Izumo


Ami Maeshima Ibuki Niijima

Be with the world
Photon's World in full of emo
Please check out the dance ♪
Ibuki Niijima

Haruki Iwata as Towa Hanamaki 

Be with the world
The song starts with a piano tone like a ticking clock, and ends quietly with a piano tone at the end as well.
t's got a grand melody that's very Photon, and I love it!
Listen to these songs anytime!
Towa Hanamaki


Hinata Sato as Noa Fukushima

Be with the world
If you walk while listening to it, you can walk a little faster and work up a good sweat!
Stay tune for Photon in the future

💿CD Information🎵

The title song, "Be with the world," begins with the sound of a clock's second hand, giving the song a mystical view of the world.
The lyrics, written entirely in English, are delivered over a melody of digital and acoustic sounds.
The coupling song, "Wonder Wonder Trip," is pleasantly arranged with a sense of speed in a feeling of floating.
The cute lyrics are reminiscent of a dreamy girl.

Track List
1.Be with the world
2.Wonder Wonder Trip

EN : https://en.d4dj-pj.com/music/post-15
JPN : https://d4dj-pj.com/discography/post-17

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