【D4DJ】Casts' autograph comments on Lyrical Lily’s 3rd Single “Adventure King!” are now released.

To celebrate the release of  Lyrical Lily’s 3rd Single “Adventure King!” on November 24th.
Hazuki Tanda, Amane Shindo, Ruka Fukagawa and Yuzuki Watase gave their comments for us!

★Hazuki Tanda as  Miyu Sakurada

“Adventure King!" Lyrical Lily will always be here for you!!
Good Choice! What Choice! I hope you like it♡

★Amane Shindo as Haruna Kasuga

"Adventure King!" I promise to make a lot of people happy with this CD.
Go Go. What Choice. Good Choice. 

★Ruka Fukagawa as Kurumi Shiratori

"Adventure King!" How do you do?
I swear I will only prank you 2.5 times a day♡

★Yuzuki Watase as Miiko Takeshita

"Adventure King!" We will travel around the world and find you♡
Don't forget to listen to "Sleeping Beauty", too! Make a Chance☆

■CD Information
CD Jacket
★The Limited Edition with Blu-ray

★The Normal Edition

Release Date
24th November, 2021
The Limited Edition with Blu-ray :¥7,040(Tax included)
The Normal Edition :¥1,540(Tax included)
Product No.
The Limited Edition with Blu-ray BRMM-10450
The Normal Edition BRMM-10451
Track List
01.Adventure King!
02.Sleeping Beauty
03.Adventure King! -instrumental-
04.Sleeping Beauty -instrumental-
Mini Anime ”Petit Mix ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix” Episode 23~26
Mini Anime ”Petit Mix ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix” Special VideoEpisode 26 non-credit version
D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- REMIX Live Video -Lyrical Lily-
Lyrical Lily original song Adventure King! Music Video
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D4DJ Groovy Mix item serial code (EXP ticket (platinum) x 5)
   ※Expiration date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 23:59
Advance lottery tickets for large-scale live events to be held in early summer of 2022
Advance lottery tickets for Lyrical Lily 2nd LIVE (tentative)
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