【D4DJ】Casts' autograph comments on #D4DJ_BATTLE_TIME Ⅱ

To celebrate #D4DJ_BATTLE_TIME Ⅱ on August 2nd (Sat).
Yuka Nishio, Miyu Takagi, Himari Hazuki, Amane Shindo, Karin Kagami, Risa Tsumugi and Tsunko gave their autograph comments for us!

Rinku Aimoto (CAST: Yuka Nishio)
MC, let's get this thing going!
Look forward to it.

Shinobu Inuyose (CAST: Miyu Takagi)
I'll bring you the most fun DJ!
Victory to the RED...
Please support us♡

Saori Hidaka (CAST: Himari Hazuki)
It's about time We won.
I'll do my best!!!!!

・Haruna Kasuga (CAST: Amane Shindo)
RED team, we're doing it!

Maho Akashi (CAST: Karin Kagami)
I'll do my best to make it a lot of fun as Blue Side!
We'll do our best to make it exciting!

Saki Izumo (CAST: Risa Tsumugi)
That's awesome! This is a festival!
Everyone psyched and volcano!
So,Let's go DJ chekera!

Aoi Miyake (CAST: Tsunko)
We're going for our second straight win!
We'll bring you the best grooves!

LIVE Information


2nd October(Sat), 2021
MatineeOPEN 14:00/START14:30
SoireeOPEN 18:00/START18:30 


MCYuka Nishio
Red SideMiyu Takagi, Himari Hazuki, Amane Shindo/Supporting member Reo Kurachi
Blue SideKarin Kagami, Risa Tsumugi and Tsunko/Supporting member Haruka Mimura
GuestKotori Koiwai