【Assault Lily】Casts' autograph comments on "Cherish" and “Diverse”🍀

On Wednesday, August 3, Assault Lily Project will release "Cherish" and "Diverse" at the same time!
We have received autograph comments from Hikaru Akao, Yuko Natsuyoshi, Ayaka Fujii, and Kaori Maeda!

>Hikaru Akao
Thank you so much for picking this up for me!
Cherish your heart!
>Yuko Natsuyoshi
Cherish...thank you for picking it up!
The songs are full of personality....
Don’t stop listening!
>Ayaka Fujii
8/3 "Cherish" & "Diverse" are on sale!
Lilys' voices, wonderful melodies, heartfelt lyrics...
Listen to them and enjoy the world of Assault Lily through their music!
>Kaori Maeda
It's an album that has everything you've come to expect from Gran Eple!
Please listen to the live video and the mud songs as much as you can!

■CD Information


"Cherish" / "Diverse"

【Release Date】
August 3, 2022 (Wed)

¥8,800 (Tax included)

【Product No.】