【BanG Dream!】Video commentary on Poppin'Party Mini Album "Live Beyond!!" is now released

To celebrate the release of Poppin'Party's mini-album "Live Beyond!!" on August 18th (Wed).
Aimi gave her movie comment for us!



■CD Information
CD Jacket
★The Limited Edition with Blu-ray

★The Normal Edition

Release Date
18th August, 2021

Track List
1.Live Beyond!!
2.Sweets BAN!
3.Your Begining!
4.Moonlight Walk
5.A Song No More
・「Live Beyond!!MV
BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE Summer Outdoor 3DAYS DAY3:「Special Live Summerly Tone♪~」Poppin'Party PART
1.Time Lapse
3.Bloom Through Summer!
4.Summer Skies & Sun! Sun! Seven!
5.If In August
6.Tokimeki Experience!
7.Star Beat!
8.Tear Drops
9.Mirai Train
[Interlude III]
Poppin'Party with Yukina Minato(CV.Aina Aiba) & LAYER(CV.Raychell)
Straight Through Our Dreams!
Special Video
All power! BanG Dream! Times Part 1 / Part 2

【The Special Feature for the First Edition】
1CD jaket design sticker
A lottery application ticket for the joint event of the three albums ③

CD Details(ENG)

CD Details(JPN)

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