【BanG Dream!】Cast interview comments to celebrate the release of Poppin'Party 17th SG "Poppin'Dream!”

To celebrate the release of Poppin'Party’s 17th single "Poppin'Dream!" on January 5th,
we had an interview with Kasumi Toyama as Aimi, Tae Hanazono as Sae Otsuka, Rimi Ushigome as Rimi Nishimoto, Sāya Yamabuki as Ayaka Ohashi and Arisa Ichigaya as Ayasa Ito!

ーCongratulations on the release of Poppin'Party 17th single, "Poppin'Dream!"!
The title song "Poppin'Dream!is also the opening song of the movie version of "BanG Dream! Popin'Dream!" 
What kind of song is it? Please let us know if there are any points of interest!

★Tae Hanazono as Sae Otsuka
When you hear this song in the theater, you will feel "POPIPA is here!". It's a song just for Poppin'Dream.
It's full of happy power that's sure to make you smile!

ーThe coupling track is the ending of the same movie, "Star Promise!"
This song has a different atmosphere from "Poppin'Dream!", what kind of song is this?

★Rimi Ushigome as Rimi Nishimoto
It's as grand and beautiful as the starry sky, and I imagine it as a song of youth with a melancholy feeling.
I think the reason why I feel a bit nostalgic is because I feel it is linked to POPIPA's second single, "Star Beat!".
The members and I talked about how it was like an answer song to "Star Beat!", and it could be said that the song captured the POPIPA of today, having overcome various obstacles, grown up a bit, deepened our bonds, and grown up.

ーThe limited edition with Blu-ray includes 2 DAYS of BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE "Breakthrough!" which held at Tokyo Garden Theater in October 2020!
Is there any memories or behind-the-scenes stories about the live?

★Sāya Yamabuki as Ayaka Ohashi
"It was the first time for me to do a one-man live in 2days, so I was worried if I could get through it properly (physically). LOL!
The audiences are not allowed to talk or shout, but I think the live turned out to be a sparkling and exciting 2days!
I personally enjoyed the song "What's the POPIPA!
Even though we didn't perform it, we rehearsed it very hard and it was a memorable moment for me.
I'm glad Kasumi made it!

ーPoppin'Party was very busy in 2021, what kind of year do you want this year to be?
Let me know what your goals and ambitions!

★Arisa Ichigaya as Ayasa Ito
Thanks to all of you, I have been able to make many of my dreams come true.
I'd like to continue to work hard with new dreams and an aggressive attitude!
I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the live shows!

ーLastly, please give a word to BMPASS members reading this interview!

★Kasumi Toyama as Aimi
I have three more songs I love! Amazing!
I'm so excited to think that there will be even more of my favorite songs in 2022! Don't miss a year of Poppin'Party, starting with the movie version~!

ーThank you for your time!

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