【BanG Dream!】Casts' autograph comments on the film “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia Ⅱ : Song I am.”

To celebrate the release of the film “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia Ⅱ : Song I am.” on Friday, 25th June. We got autograph comments from the general director-Kohdai Kakimoto, the director-Atsushi Mimura, and Aina Aiba as Yukina Minato, Vo. of Roselia  


Kakimoto Kaitai, General Director

Roselia's dearest wish.
Please enjoy Future World Fes. at the theatre!
"Are you ready to bet everything you have on Roselia?"


■Atsushi Mimura, Director

This is a work that makes you think "I love the band! I love Roselia!"
I hope you enjoy it!


Aina Aiba as Yukina Minato, Vo. of Roselia

What is our path we have chosen...?
Please feel the sound and story played by the five of us with your whole mind ♡
You'll love it even more ♡♡♡


Movie Information

It takes the five of us to be "us."
After overcoming numerous tribulations, the members of Roselia promised to appear on FUTURE WORLD FES.
It is now Autumn...
Through writing the lyrics of "Promise," Lisa has matured.
Watching the change of color in the autumn leaves, Yukina and Sayo expressed their resolve in a picture letter to their future selves.
Driven by the wish to do something for Roselia, Rinko has started to compose a new song.
"The remaining quests are the contest, the tournament, and FUTURE WORLD FES..."
Reflecting on their goals, Ako starts to feel anxious.
What view will the five of them see beyond FUTURE WORLD FES?



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