【BanG Dream!】Casts' autograph comments on Kasumi and Tae's Stay After School Tour.

In commemoration of "Kasumi and Tae's Stay After School Tour" starting on Sunday, October 17.
we have autograph comments from Aimi, who plays Kasumi Toyama, and Sae Otsuka, who plays Tae Hanazono!

LIVE Information

■Performance Outline
Date17th October(Sun), 2021
VenueZepp Namba

Date7th November(Sun), 2021
VenueZepp Nagoya

Date17th November(Wed), 2021
VenueKT Zepp Yokohama


Aimi (Ksumi Toyama, Poppin'Party)
Sae Otsuka (Tae Hanazono, Poppin'Party)

■LIVE Details(JPN)