【BanG Dream!】Casts' autograph comments on BanG Dream! 9th☆LIVE「The Beginning」②

To celebrate the event BanG Dream! 9th☆LIVE「The Beginning」on 21st and 22nd August, Aimi,Sae Otsuka,Rimi Nishimoto, Ayaka Ohashi and Ayasa Ito gave their comments for us!



★Aimi as Kasumi Toyama


I've been waiting for this handsome live with Roselia♡
I'm going to make this a memory of a lifetime!!


★Sae Otsuka as Tae Hanazono


It's going to be a summery concert that everyone will enjoy and leave with!
I wrote it with a thick magic marker and it looks like a font. Saechi


★Rimi Nishimoto as Rimi Ushigome


Poppin'Party and Roselia's dream live against each other!
The beginning of a new legend!
The Beginning of Poppin'Party&Roselia at Fujikyu!
Can we go wild? It's good, isn't it?


★Ayaka Ohashi as Saya Yamabuki


We want to show you a stage that is uniquely Poppin'Party!
We're packed with both cute and cool stuff!
This is the first time we're performing against Roselia! Let's make it a hot summer!


★Ayasa Ito as Arisa Ichigaya

 Hot, Passion!



【Event Information】


21st and 22nd  August,2021

Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest

OPEN 15:30 /START 17:00
Close 20:00
(Common to both public performances)

AimiKasumi Toyama
Sae OtsukaTae Hanazono
Rimi NishimotoRimi Ushigome
Ayaka OhashiSaya Yamabuki
Ayasa ItoArisa Ichigaya

Aina Aibayukina Minato
Haruka KudoSayo Hikawa
Yuki NakashimaRisa Imai
Megu SakuragawaAko Udagawa
Kanon ShizakiRinko Shirokane


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