【Members only】【Assault Lily】Casts' autograph comments on the Blu-ray stage ”Assault Lily: Lost Memories” are now released

The Blu-ray stage "Assault Lily: Lost Memories" will be released on Wednesday, June 1!
Bushiroad Music Passport members only, we had an interview with Hikaru Akao (as Riri Hitotusyanagi) and Yuko Natsuyoshi (as Yuyu Shirai)!

☆Hikaru Akao
"Lost Memories" once again!
Here's how Lily’s live...!
It is full of important moments♡
See a lot of it!

☆Yuko Natsuyoshi
"Lost Memories" is finally…!
Now you can see them whenever you want!
Lily's will always be with you....

■Blu-ray Information

Assault Lily: Lost Memories

【Release Date】
Wednesday, June 1, 2022

¥9,800 (Tax included)

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