【ARGONAVIS】Casts' interview on Argonavis 2nd Album ”CYAN"

Argonavis 2nd Album "CYAN" will be released on Wednesday, May 25!
We got the autograph interviews from Masahiro Ito as Ren Nanahoshi, Daisuke Hyuga as Yuto Goryo, Seiji Maeda as Wataru Matoba, Shuta Morishima as Rio Kikyo and Shohei Hashimoto as Banri Shiroishi of Argonavis!

Q1. Name / Character
Q2. What is your favorite song on the album, especially?
Q3. Limited edition with Blu-ray includes the video of "Argonavis LIVE 2021 -Kitto Bokura Ha-", so looking back on the concert, what was that like?
Q4.Please give a quick comment for BMPASS members!

Q1:Masahiro Ito as Ren Nanahoshi
Q2:Bokunohibi ni Itsumoiteyo
The live concert in Hakodate, the place where our story began, was a special time.
It is the moment when one of my dreams came true, so much so that I am overflowing with feelings.
This album is very important to us, including the fact that Atushi, who we have known for a long time, provided the music.
We hope you enjoy this new side of Argonavis!

Q1:Daisuke Hyuga as Yuto Goryo
It was all I could do to play and stand.
I felt the bond with the members and your presence saved me a lot....
A new wind has blown in Argonavis....
The new songs are great, please listen to them a lot.

Q1:Seiji Maeda as Wataru Matoba
Q2:Inochi no Click
It was a memorable and a milestone live concert as it was held in Hakodate, the sacred place of Argonavis.
It was fun!
NEW album "CYAN"! Enjoy the new Argonavis!

Q1:Shuta Morishima as Rio Kikyo
I remember the first time the five of us were able to play together in Hakodate, Hokkaido.
So many emotions overflowed and we got lost in our feelings.
Immerse yourself in the world of CYAN ministry.

Q1:Shohei Hashimoto as Banri Shiroishi
Q2:Kokoro wo Utaitai
For Argonavis, it was a triumphant return to live.
We were truly happy to be able to perform LIVE at the place where they grew up.
Thank you for your continued support.
We will continue to strive to bring you music that will touch your hearts!

■Blu-ray Information
★Limited Edition with Blu-ray

★Normal Edition A type -Character Jacket-

★Normal Edition B type -Artist Jacket-

Argonavis 2nd Album "CYAN"

【Release Date】
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

・Limited Edition with Blu-ray:¥9,900 (Tax included)
・Normal Edition A type -Character Jacket-:¥3,850 (Tax included)
・Normal Edition B type -Artist Jacket-:¥3,850 (Tax included)

【Product No.】
・Limited Edition with Blu-ray:ARCA-10001
・Normal Edition A type -Character Jacket-:ARCA-10002
・Normal Edition B type -Artist Jacket-:ARCA-10003