【ARGONAVIS】Casts' interview on "Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C'est la vie!-"

To celebrate the live streaming "Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C'est la vie!-" on 5th May. We interviewed Lounsbery Arthur as Felix Louis-Claude Mont d'or, Vo. of Fantôme Iris!



-Fantôme Iris is about to hold its first solo live "-C'est la vie!-". Please tell us how you're feeling right now.

I was very surprised because I didn't expect that I would be allowed to do a solo live concert.

Playing FELIX is as delicate as stacking a tower of cards, and his singing style and key is completely different from mine. I was filled with anxiety at first.

However, I feel that all my blood kin is looking forward to the live performance, so I am feeling a lot of pressure and excitement.

I will do my best to make it a good stage.


-This is your first solo live, how do you want to make the concert with your blood kin?

This is the first time for me to perform in real life, but I would be happy if I could create a world with them where my blood kin can feel what a usual Fantôme Iris concert in their world would be like.

I want to deliver and share the world of Fantôme Iris to everyone around the world who is watching us through the distribution.


-What are the highlights of this concert and what do you want to hear?

About half of the songs in the set list are performed for the first time, so I feel that the audience will enjoy it in a very fresh way.

There are also some original songs that we haven't performed yet, and some cover songs that we haven't decided to release yet, so please look forward to them.


-Could you tell us about one of your favourite moments during training?

This time, I was basically practicing by myself all the time until just before the performance, and there was nothing to entertain me.

I'm a clumsy, so when it's dicided to hold my live concert, I always practice iteratively, find my own areas for improvement, and clear them one by one in order.

It's a repetition of this process, but as I improve, I see new room to work on and all my worries never go away, so I still don't enjoy practicing because I'm always worried about whether or not I'll be able to reach my ideal FELIX by the day of the concert.

I know it sounds very negative and whiny, but it's not. I always find that the harder I work on any content, the more I enjoy it and the more people enjoy it.

I really like its moments, and that's why no matter how anxious or painful I get, I don't lose heart, so I can't thank everyone enough.

In the case of Fantôme, when I watched the archive of the LR festival in October 2020, I was finally able to say, "I did my best - I'm glad I didn't run away - I'll do my best again next time. I'm still in the midst of anxiety, but I can't wait to be surrounded by that sense of relief and hope for the future lol!


-Finally, could you give a message to your blood kin who are reading this interview.

Everything is for the night... let's make it a wonderful soiree.



Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C'est la vie!-


【Live concert information】

■Date and time
5th May, 2021(Wed)
OPEN/START 17:00/18:00

Zepp Haneda (TOKYO) 

Fantôme Iris (Lounsbery Arthur as Felix Louis-Claude Mont d'or, Vo. of Fantôme Iris)
Support members (Gt.Touma, Gt.YOUSAY, Ba.Sato, Dr.KENZO)