【ARGONAVIS】Casts' comment movie for Argonavis 7th Single "JUNCTION/Y" release

To celebrate the release of Argonavis 7th Single "JUNCTION/Y"  on 26th May, we've got a video commentary from Masahiro Ito as Ren Nanahoshi, Vo. of Argonavis and Daisuke Hyuga as Yuto Goryo, Gt. of Argovavis!



■CD Information
【CD Jaket】

★The Limited Edition with Blu-ray

★The Normal Edition Atype -Charater Jaket-

★The Normal Edition Btype -Artist Jaket-

【Release Date】
26th May, 2021


The concert movie from MixChannel Presents ARGONAVIS Special Live -Starry Line-

【The Special Feature】
A booklet of the concert photos from MixChannel Presents ARGONAVIS Special LIVE -Starry Line- (24 pages)

【The Special Feature for the First Edition】
1 original artist card (5 types in total)

【Streaming Platforms】