【ARGONAVIS】Cast's autograph comments on Argonavis LIVE 2021 -Kitto bokura ha-

To celebrate the event Argonavis LIVE 2021 -Kitto Bokura Ha- on 23rd November.
Masahiro Ito as Ren Nanahoshi, Daisuke Hyuga as Yuto Goryo, Seiji Maeda as Wataru Matoba, Shuta Morishima as Rio Kikyo and Shohei Hashimoto as Banri Shiroishi gave their comments for us!

☆Masahiro Ito as Ren Nanahoshi

I will wrap you all in a muddy torrent of emotions like magma!

☆Daisuke Hyuga as Yuto Goryo

"ArgonavisLIVE -Kitto Bokura Ha-" We are back!
We will bring you the sound with all our hearts.

☆Seiji Maeda as Wataru Matoba

I was able to come this far because of the promises I made to all my fans.
Keep on sailing with us, we're going to have a great time!

☆Shuta Morishima as Rio Kikyo

We are not at the finish line yet.
We, Argonavis, start from here in Hakodate. Let's go!

☆Shohei Hashimoto as Banri Shiroishi

My long-awaited LIVE in Hakodate!
Hey Guys! We are back! Let's make it the best time ever!

【LIVE Information

Argonavis LIVE 2021 -Kitto Bokura Ha-

23rd November, 2021

The Hakodate Civic Hall

OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

ArgonavisMasahiro Ito as Ren Nanahoshi, Daisuke Hyuga as Yuto Goryo, Wataru Matoba as Seiji Maeda, Rio Kikyo as Shuta Morishima and Banri Shiroishi as Shohei Hashimoto)