【ARGONAVIS】Cast interviews are now available for the "Playlist to listen to on White Day" chosen by the 5 vocal cast members!

3/14 is White Day!

For all the ”NAVIGATORS" who always support ARGONAVIS, an original playlist of songs that the five vocalists of each band would like you to listen to on White Day is now available!

Bushiroad Music Passport conducted an interview with the five cast members about their song selections!


■Argonavis Vo. Masahiro Ito as Ren Nanahoshi

-Can you tell us about the songs you selected that are particularly memorable to you.

Since this is a White Day playlist, I also selected songs from the ARGONAVIS project.
All the songs are memorable, but this time I'd like to introduce you to these two songs!

・Ryuuseiu (流星雨, Meteor Shower)

These two songs were included in the first single and have been in the setlist of almost every live performance.
This song is a twin-vocal song with Daisuke Hyuga, who plays the role of Yuto Goryo.
We also performed on the street in various places, just like Ren and Yuto did in the TV anime.
Every time I sing "Ryuseiu," I can see the faces of all the fans who listen to us.
It's the important song that linked us with Ren.


In contrast to Ryuseiu, this song has only been performed on SOL (Sound Only Live) and has not yet been performed in live concert.
It's been about two years since the recording of Ryuseiu, and I feel like the way Ren sings and uses her voice has become ingrained in my body.
The song is about the feeling of coming to Tokyo from his hometown, and I strongly sympathize with him.
I'm looking forward to the day I can perform it live.

-Finally, can you give a message to "NAVIGATORS"!

Thank you very much for your support.
We send you Argonavis' music.
We hope your White Day will be a wonderful day!


■GYROAXIA Vo. Jin Ogasawara as Nayuta Asahi

-Can you tell us about the songs you selected that are particularly memorable to you.

In the process of putting "FAR AWAY" into my mind,  I puzzled over the question about "what should I be motivated towards and for?"
Until then, GYROAXIA's songs had been relatively aggressive, as long as I had Nayuta's feeling of "listen to my music" or even "bow down to me", I could take the first step in interpretation, but this time, it seemed that wasn't the case.
In addition, in the story of the song, he is facing his father's music, which he hates so much.......
So, I thought I'd add growth and a bird's eye view to the emotions I put on the song.
It was a good experience for me to reacquaint myself with his character and try to get the best out of him (while consult with my own abilities at the time ...).
Personally, I can't leave out "Starry Line", which had a great impact on my vocal work, especially in the clean range.
I remember that the eloquent and the cool singing voice made me think "I have to work hard too!

-Finally, can you give a message to "NAVIGATORS"!

How was your White Day this year?
Whether you heard back from someone you like, confirmed your friendship with your friends, or were like me and couldn't be bothered with mobile game events, I hope this playlist will be a white day gift to you.
Happy White Day! 


■Fantôme Iris Vo. Lounsbery Arthur as Felix Louis-Claude Mont d'or


-Can you tell us about the songs you selected that are particularly memorable to you.

The most memorable songs I remember are "histoire" and "Hitsugi no Naka no C'est La Vie(棺の中のセラヴィ)".
I think C'est La Vie was the third original song we recorded.
I started recording Fantôme's songs in the summer of 2019, and I was still at the stage where I hadn't fully grasped the character as I hadn't even started recording the voice for the game yet, but it was one of those songs where the worldview and character of Fantôme, or Felix, really came home to me.
I remember the recording of the song very well from that point on, because it was much easier to visualize the world.
We recorded a lot of songs, and 1 year later I recorded "histoire".
I was able to sing Phantom's songs again after I had already recorded the dialogues and understood the whole world view, so I was able to fill in a lot of their own thoughts and feelings, and the expressions I wanted to do after knowing the story.

-Finally, can you give a message to "NAVIGATORS"!

For the playlist, I've chosen songs that will make you feel warm, and songs that will lift your spirits.
Please listen to it while having a tea party.
I hope my blood kin all have a wonderful White Day! HAHA~


■Fujin RIZING! (風神RIZING!) Vo.&Sax. Yoshiki Nakajima as Futa Kaminoshima

-Can you tell us about the songs you selected that are particularly memorable to you.

"Banzai RIZING!(バンザイRIZING!)" is very dear to me as Fujin.
I was very happy to be able to perform it at LRF. I want to heat up with everyone again.
The song "Dachi Friend(ダチフレンド)" is a duet with Aoi, so I wondered how it would turn out, but the complete version is very warm also a bit silly, and it's a great song with a lot of Fujin's personality in it.
I personally like "MANIFESTO" by GYROAXIA.
It's such a cool song, including the preamble to the declaration of war, that you can't help but sing along to it!

-Finally, can you give a message to "NAVIGATORS"!

As band members, what we can give back to you is music!
"There are a variety of songs from each band, so you can choose the one that best suits your mood.
We hope you will be able to enjoy their passionate thoughts and feelings!"


■εpsilonΦ Vo. Yuki Sakakihara as Shu Ujigawa

-Can you tell us about the songs you selected that are particularly memorable to you.

First of all, "End of reason"! When I heard this song for the first time, I was shocked at how close I felt to Tadaomi.
This song is graceful, yet unsettling and disturbing, fascinating and uplifting...
It's an interesting song to sing because I can feel him in it.
This is the first song that I recorded as Shu, and it brings back the tension of that day when I listen to it, so "ROKI(ロキ)"…! lol
However, although I was nervous at first, once I started singing, I enjoyed the melody and the lyrics because I could feel the epsilonΦ and Shu-kun very much.
And finally, "Hikari no Akuma(光の悪魔, Demon of Light)"... I won't say much about it. I love it!!!

Finally, can you give a message to "NAVIGATORS"!

It's White Day, so I thought I'd choose songs that would give the listeners and supporters of the band a chance to see different sides of the band.
I hope that you will enjoy listening to these songs and get excited or relax, and that you will continue to get to know various aspects of them in the future.
One last thing...Shu-kun is so cute !!!!


"Playlist to listen to on White Day" by Masahiro Ito

"Playlist to listen to on White Day" by Jin Ogasawara

"Playlist to listen to on White Day" by Arthur Lounsbery

"Playlist to listen to on White Day" by Yoshiki Nakajima

"Playlist to listen to on White Day" by Yuki Sakakihara