【ARGONAVIS】Cast interview comments in commemoration of ARGONAVIS LIVE 2021 COVER FESTIVAL.

In celebration of ARGONAVIS LIVE 2021 COVER FESTIVAL on October 5th (Tue), we had an interview with Yoshiki Nakajima!


★Yoshiki Nakajima as Futa Kaminoshima


Congratulations on holding the ARGONAVIS LIVE 2021 COVER FESTIVAL!
Please tell us how you are feeling now that the concert is about to be held!"

Congratulations!Thanks a lot!As for Futa, this will be his live performance since LRF2020, so I feel like I've been waiting for this!

What are the highlights of interest for this show?

I think this contents are unique in that it allows for live cover performances.
I think it will bring out the best in each band, but in a different way!

Please tell us about any secret episodes from your practice!

From the first rehearsal, the band members were in perfect sync.
I was impressed!I'm ready to the concert without any worries!

Finally, do you have any words for the navigators reading this interview?

We're still in a difficult situation, but I'm going to enjoy the live performance immensely, just like Fuuta of FUJIN RIZING!
I'd be happy to share my feelings with you, and make you all excited!

LIVE Information



5th October(Tue),2021

KT Zepp Yokohama

OPEN 18:00/START 19:00

◆ArgonavisRen Nanahoshi:Masahiro ItoYuto Goryo:Daisuke HyugaWataru Matoba:Seiji MaedaRio Kikyo:Shuta Morishima、Banri Shiroishi:Shohei Hashimoto※Video appearance
◆GYROAXIANayuta Asahi:Jin OgasawaraKenta Satozuka:Shinichi HashimotoReon Misono:Takumi ManoRyo Akebono:Hiroto AkiyaMiyuki Sakaigawa:Kousuke Miyauchi
◆Fantôme IrisFELIX:Lounsbery Arthur
◆Fujin RIZING!(Futa Kaminoshima:Yoshiki Nakajima
◆Support MemberGt.TomaBa.SatoDr.RYOTA